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Favorite Five: Debug Your Brain

December 4, 2014

Headshot_ElenaLelchukElena Lelchuk is a Marketing & Public Relations Manager at Commodore Builders and the Chair of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee.

Every month, she compiles her favorite five links from the last 30 days in a series we call, very creatively, Favorite Five! 

You can connect with Elena through Twitter (@ell923) or LinkedIn.

This month, my Favorite Five teaches you how to increase your productivity,  how to add interactivity to your marketing materials, and how to avoid holiday clichés. Consider this my festive gift to you.

#1. “How To Debug Your Brain And Get More Done” by Oliver Emberton

Deadlines, events, holiday parties multiplied by 10! That’s December for many of us — and frankly, pretty much Fall as a whole. Now is the time to teach yourself how to identify what’s urgent and important, and what probably can wait.

#2. “15 video marketing trends for 2015” by Kevin Allen

Are interactive videos the next big thing? I wouldn’t argue it! Images and videos are more successful, and as we all know, including an image with your message = more clicks! I’ve always been an avid supporter of engaging, short and sweet marketing content. We have taken this approach at Commodore: check out our latest episode of On-Location Innovation. A little self-promotion here, but it was relevant! 🙂

#3. “A Three-step Marketing Ladder” by Seth Godin

(1) Awareness, (2) Education, (3) Action…one can’t go without the other!

#4. “The Death of the Single-source Story” by Glenn Leibowitz

Not only do multiple point of views make a story more credible, but it will also make your story more attractive to your audience and to a wider audience. Next time you are write about recently completed project, don’t forget to include your project team’s perspectives.

#5.”6 dos and don’ts of holiday PR” by Michelle Garrett

‘Tis the Season, but try and avoid the clichés! Make sure your email doesn’t get lost in the impending flood of Holiday Greetings!

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