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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for December 2014

December 31, 2014

Every month, Outlook gives a shoutout to all the new members of SMPS Boston, as well as those members celebrating their anniversaries of joining the organization. The brilliant Bianca Girazian of Acentech fearlessly mines our membership database to bring you this list of honor every month.

Welcome to oNew Memberur newest SMPS Boston members:

  • Alexandra Dupnik, Project Manager, Dyer Brown Architects
  • Sarah Koelker, Administrative Assistant, BVH Integrated Services
  • Brittany Busa, Marketing Coordinator, TG Gallagher

Happy Anniversary to the following members!

1 year:

  • Shawn Vetere, Director of Business Development, Knollmeyer Building Corporation
  • Eric Wilson, Director of Social Media, New England Real Estate Journal
  • Genevieve Cahill, Vice President, BSC Group


2 years:

  • Anna Roi, Marketing Communications Manager, Trinity Building + Construction Management
  • Christine King, Marketing Manager, BETA Group
  • Jennifer Cheek, Marketing Coordinator, ARUP
  • Janet Daly, Director of Client Services, TCI/Thompson Consultants Inc.

3 years:

  • Thomas Levi, President, Levi + Wong Design Associates
  • Kerri Sellers, Marketing Director, Rickes Associates

5 years:

  • Vanessa Ryder, Communications Manager, VHB

8 years:

  • Karen Euler, Regional Marketing Manager, NBBJ

9 years:

  • Howard Levine, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Duncan Galvanizing

10 years:

  • Sarah Hotchkiss, Marketing & Business Development Strategist, Commodore Builders
  • Jay Moskowitz, Marketing, URS

13 years:

  • Susan Shelby, President & CEO, Rhino Public Relations
  • Patricia Tracy-Callahan, regional Marketing Manager, VHB
  • Melissa Shaffer, East Region Marketing Manager, GEI Consultants

14 years:

  • Karen Medeiros, Vice President – National Sales & Marketing Services Director, Gilbane Building Company

20 years:

  • Lori Chicoyne, Business Development Director, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
  • Dagmar von Schwerin, Partner, 96pt.

29 years:

  • Carol Adey, Vice President, CRESA Partners

Interested in joining SMPS Boston? The benefits go way beyond a blog post shoutout. Learn more here.

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