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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for November 2014

November 24, 2014

Every month, Outlook gives a shoutout to all the new members of SMPS Boston, as well as those members celebrating their anniversaries of joining the organization. The brilliant Bianca Girazian of Acentech fearlessly mines our membership database to bring you this list of honor every month.

Welcome to oNew Memberur newest SMPS Boston members:

  • Samantha Godin, Electrical Engineer, BVH
  • Jennifer Kaplan, Marketing Coordinator, Sasaki Associates
  • Kristin Armitage, Senior Marketing Coordinator, Arrowstreet
  • Lisa Quackenbush, Owner and President, cuePR

Happy Anniversary to the following members!

 1 year:

  • Jael Ballard, Administrative Coordinator, Lavallee Brensinger
  • Florence Di Johnson, Director of Marketing, JACA Architects


3 years:

  • Vanessa Gulati, Marketing Specialist, CDM Smith

5 years:

  • A. Krista Sykes, Competitive Analyst and Researcher, Architecture in Context
  • Frances Harrison, CMO, SMRT

7 years:

  • Leann Fisher, Marketing Coordinator, SMRT
  • Christopher Capullo, Marketing Coordinator, Nobis Engineering
  • Tom Palanger, Director of Marketing, J.C. Cannistraro

10 years:

  • Kara McLellan, Director of Marketing & Communications, Utile
  • Kerri Keane, Marketing Manager, Bowdoin Construction

11 years:

  • Jennifer Hegarty, Marketing Manager, Payette

12 years:

  • Danna Day, Director of Marketing, Copley Wolff Design Group

14 years:

  • Rebecca Bozadjian, Director of Marketing, VHB
  • Matthew Hawk, Deputy Marketing Manager, Fay Spofford & Thorndike

15 years:

  • Ted Gentry, Principal, Ted Gentry Associates

18 years:

  • Charles Crevo, Retired, Emeritus Member

Interested in joining SMPS Boston? The benefits go way beyond a blog post shoutout. Learn more here.

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