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Member Spotlight: Elena Lelchuk

November 7, 2014

Outlook’s outstanding member profiler, Jennifer Cheek of Arup, will introduces us to a star of SMPS Boston each month. The first in the series is one of our top blog writers, Elena Lelchuk of Commodore Builders.

To read the entire interview, and to read past Member Spotlights, check out the SMPS Boston website!

Beginning her career in the world of Marketing and Public Relations for lifestyle and hospitality brands, Elena transitioned into the build environment almost five years ago. “I enjoy the excitement and fast pace of the real estate/construction industry and I love being a part of the development and progress of the city I live in.” Elena joined Commodore Builders in May 2013 and was immediately encouraged to join SMPS Boston by her co-worker, Sarah Hotchkiss, currently the Director of Membership for SMPS Boston. Elena now serves as the Chair of the Communications Committee and is a regular contributor to SMPS Boston’s blog, most notably with her popular “Favorite Five” column.

How do you handle being a non-technical person in a very technical industry?
Although I may not know every detail about the technicalities of a project, I understand the overall vision and goal. I take the time to research and understand the client so that my marketing materials are relevant, never generic and most importantly, “speak their language”. It’s important to know your audience and communicate in a way that translates most effectively.

What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
I moved to Boston and co-founded a PR agency. A new city and a new business at the same time was quite the challenge to take on! In retrospect, it was one of the most rewarding and insightful times of my life. Every success, no matter how big or small, felt like a huge accomplishment.

To hear more from Jennifer’s interview with Elena — including her #1 autumnal addiction — check out the entire interview on the SMPS Boston website! For more from Elena, check out her Favorite Five columns.

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