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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for October 2014

October 29, 2014

Every month, Outlook gives a shoutout to all the new members of SMPS Boston, as well as those members celebrating their anniversaries of joining the organization. The brilliant Bianca Girazian of Acentech fearlessly mines our membership database to bring you this list of honor every month.

Welcome to oNew Memberur newest SMPS Boston members:

  • Laura Player, Marketing Manager, Windover Construction
  • Kwesi Budu-Arthur, Associate, Cambridge Seven Associates

Happy Anniversary to the following members!

 1 year:

  • Amy Bowen, Director of Marketing, Consigli Construction
  • Melissa Bruneau, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Lavallee Brensinger Architects
  • Christina Cuevas, Business Development Support Manager, Geocomp Corporation
  • Michael Deak, Marketing Coordinator, Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype
  • Elle Litwinetz, Marketing Manager, Visnick & Caulfield
  • Kimberly Matheson, Marketing Manager, Consigli Construction
  • Michael Sweeney, Principal, Design-Product Systems
  • Stacey Vega, Director of Business Development, Desman Associates
  • Joie Watson, Proposal Writer, Consigli Construction


2 years:

  • Kelly Auld, Director of Marketing, Halvorson Design Partnership
  • Diana Woodruff, Regional Marketing Coordinator, AKF Group

3 years:

  • Jessica Darling, Marketing Coordinator, Stantec

4 years:

  • Joanna Frechette, Marketing, Architectural Resources Cambridge
  • Joanna Morlot, Assistant Marketing Manager, Elkus Manfredi

5 years:

  • Caroline Fitzgerald, Director of Business Development, VJ Associates

6 years:

  • Robert Rebholz, Co-Founder & Principal, Next Level promotions

7 years:

  • Amy Angelosanto, Marketing Coordinator, Bond Brothers
  • Rebecca Roy, Marketing Manager, Bond Brothers

8 years:

  • Ken Tichacek, Senior Consultant, PSMJ Resources

9 years:

  • Morgan Madera, Marketing Manager, Tsoi Kobus & Associates
  • Katherine Shoss, Director of Marketing, Architectural Resources Cambridge

10 years:

  • Keri Drake, Marketing Director, Arrowstreet

14 years:

  • Deana Martin, Marketing Director, Wilson Butler Architects

16 years:

  • Joseph Barry, Director of Sales & Marketing, Integrated Design Group

17 years:

  • Kirsten Papagni, Director of Marketing, Columbia Construction

18 years:

  • Mary Gately, Director of Market Service, AGC of Massachusetts

25 years:

  • Susan Elmore, Marketing Manager, HMFH Architects

32 years:

  • Judith Nitsch, Founding Principal & Chairman, Nitsch Engineering

Interested in joining SMPS Boston? The benefits go way beyond a blog post shoutout. Learn more here.

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