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Voice from the Trenches: Starting a Business Development Library

October 10, 2014


Voice from the Trenches is a monthly series written by Valerie Conyngham, CPSM. Valerie is Marketing Manager at The Cecil Group, an urban design and planning firm in Boston.

One day, toward the end of a BD meeting, my colleagues and I started talking about elevator speeches and networking. During the conversation, it became apparent that everyone was hungry for more substantial networking tips and tools, so I put forth the idea of creating a business development lending library.

The premise was simple: gather a collection of books to help people feel more comfortable at a range of networking events. My first step in building the library was to reach out to the SMPS community through I asked the CPSM committee for their favorite books on networking — and they delivered!

Pick out a title from the recommendations below and start improving your networking skills today.

Book Recommendations from the CPSM Community on

And another recommendation:

A great resource on networking that most in the build industry are probably unaware of is Ivan Misner of BNI (Business Networking International) and the Referral Institute. He has written dozens of books on networking including some for new networkers & introverts as well as for more advanced business developers like Masters of Sales. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list:

  • Peter Kienle, FSMPS, CPSM, MBA
  • Gene Matthews, CPSM
  • Alison Carney, CPSM
  • Julie Woodman CPSM
  • Raelene McCarthy, CPSM
  • Andrew Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM
  • Kevin Hebblethwaite, FSMPS, CPSM
  • Mark Witouski, CPSM
  • Perryn Olson, CCMP, CPSM
  • Kenda Salisbury, CPSM
  • Adam B. Kilbourne, CPSM

Got more suggestions for Valerie? Add ’em in the comments below, or connect through LinkedIn or on Twitter @valconyngham.

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  1. October 17, 2014 12:41 pm

    Great list! I love Gary V. I was able to see him present live for the release of the Thank You Economy. He is an awesome speaker.

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