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Favorite Five: Don’t Hide Your Thumbs

October 3, 2014

Headshot_ElenaLelchukElena Lelchuk is a Marketing & Public Relations Manager at Commodore Builders and the Chair of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee.

Every month, she compiles her favorite five links from the last 30 days in a series we call, very creatively, Favorite Five! 

You can connect with Elena through Twitter (@ell923) or LinkedIn.

#1. “How to Turn Small Talk into Smart Conversation” by Chris Colin & Rob Baedeker

Small talk! We all hate it — but we all do it. Here’s an article and a couple of TED talks to help you make your daily interactions a little more interesting.

#2. The Massachusetts Conference for Women Podcasts (*great resource for everyone, not just for women!)

I’m looking forward to attending the 10th Anniversary of The Massachusetts Conference for Women in December! As I was skimming the site impressed by the roster of speakers, I discovered that they have tons of free podcasts, articles and videos on topics ranging for negotiation techniques to presentation skills.

#3. “The Five Superpowers of Marketing” by Mark Bonchek & Cara France

“It’s a bird! It’s plane! No, it’s a marketing marketer!” All right, jokes may not be one of my superpowers, but read this article on the 5 marketing superpowers regardless.

#4. “Audience Development Comes Before Business Development” by John Jantsch

This post talks about the value of an engaged audience and reminds us that you achieve that engagement not by selling your firm, but by being of service to your audience. It’s important “to be a part of the conversation,” which is actually marketing superpower #2 (see “The Five Superpowers of Marketing”).

#5. “Body language that conveys power” by Nancy Szokan

Giving a presentation? Want to appear confident? Want to appear powerful? Remember one thing…don’t hide your thumbs!

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