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Celebrating New Members and Anniversaries for September 2014

October 2, 2014

Every month, Outlook gives a shoutout to all the new members of SMPS Boston, as well as those members celebrating their anniversaries of joining the organization. The brilliant Bianca Girazian of Acentech fearlessly mines our membership database to bring you this list of honor every month.

Welcome to our newest SMPS Boston members:

New Member

  • Rachel Collins, Marketing, Thompson Consultants
  • Tracey Hartford, Director of Client Services, Windover Construction
  • Barbara Levesque, Marketing Specialist, Commodore Builders
  • Amanda Martinez, Proposal Specialist, VHB
  • Eika Potvin, Marketing Specialist, VHB
  • Lisa Wortman Raring, Marketing Coordinator, Fuss & O’Neill
  • Ashley Solomon, Marketing Coordinator, Dietz & Co Architects

Happy Anniversary to the following members!

 1 year:

  • Colleen Anderson, Marketing Coordinator, Acentech
  • Septima Sensenig, Business Development/Marketing Director, Fitzmeyer/Tocci

2 years:

  • Sean Costello, The Sign Centeranniversaries
  • Anthony Lionetta, Senior Vice President, BETA group
  • Emily Cotter, Public Relations Coordinator, CBT Architects

3 years:

  • Chris Watson, National Director, Marketing Services, Gilbane Building Company

8 years:

  • Christina Maglio, Marketing Coordinator, Weidlinger Associates
  • Rebecca Heavey, Marketing/proposal Coordinator, Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates

10 years:

  • Dan Mackey, Owner, Direct Binding & Printing
  • Nicola Migliacci, Senior Marketing Coordinator, HNTB Corporation

15 years:

  • Renee Driscoll, Business Development Manager, Suffolk Construction

20 years:

  • Christopher Keeley, Vice President, Bowdoin Construction

26 years:

  • Debra LaPorte, CPSM, Principal, Debra LaPorte Communications

Interested in joining SMPS Boston? The benefits go way beyond a blog post shoutout. Learn more here.

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