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Member Spotlight: Valerie Conyngham, CPSM

September 29, 2014

Outlook’s outstanding new member profiler, Jennifer Cheek of Arup, will introduce us to a star of SMPS Boston each month. The first in the series is the fantastic Valerie Conyngham of The Cecil Group

To read the entire interview, and to read past Member Spotlights, check out the SMPS Boston website!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike many A/E/C marketing professionals, Valerie Conyngham’s path to the industry was not entirely traditional. After moving to Boston fresh out of college with a marketing degree, Valerie applied to several marketing-related jobs and nearly accepted a job at a chemical brokerage firm where she was temping. Sensing that her heart wasn’t in it, Valerie instead chose a position with Sterling Associates Architects Incorporated as their first-ever marketing person. After taking various marketing positions in other industries, Valerie joined The Cecil Group in 2008, where she serves as Business + Marketing Manager. Valerie has been a member of SMPS Boston since 2009 and is the director of the Communications Committee.

What do you consider to be the most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal?
The planning process, starting with the strategic plan. It’s incredibly important to have a firm-wide vision and goals so that everyone knows why they’re showing up to work every day. From there you can plan on a departmental level and define how your group is going to support the larger strategy.

What recent SMPS event did you most enjoy?
I attended Maximize Your leadership Brand: Know It, Grow It, and Show It, led by Allison Rimm. She shared her Joy Meter with us. It’s a simple meter that shows the spectrum of Hassle to Joy and works as a great reminder that if you’re feeling more hassle than joy in your current position it might be time to rearrange some things. I have it tacked up in front of my desk as a reminder to increase the joy and decrease the hassle, both for myself and those I work with.

What advice would you give to new SMPS members?
It’s advice that is reiterated often, but join a committee! The more involved you are in the organization the more you will reap from it.

To hear more from Jennifer’s interview with Valerie — including an explanation of “cursing Friday” — check out the entire interview on the SMPS Boston website! For more from Valerie, enjoy her recent Voice from the Trenches articles.

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