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CPSM Season is Upon Us!

September 9, 2014

Today’s post comes from Chuck Raymond, CPSM, Marketing Manager at Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. and Director of the SMPS Boston CPSM Committee. 

Well folks, it’s that time of year again when we encourage all of those who have been thinking about taking the CPSM exam, putting off taking the CPSM exam, and those who have always wanted to take the CPSM exam but haven’t for whatever reason, to finally take the plunge and take the CPSM exam.

Just in case you don’t know, the CPSM, or Certified Professional Services Marketer, credential is, as it says on the SMPS website, “a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. Furthermore, the CPSM designation serves as a mark of distinction for professional services marketers and business developers, raising their standing with their employers, peers, and the public.”

Achieving the CPSM designation is validation of the level of experience and expertise you bring not only to your firm, but to the industry as a whole. It demonstrates your knowledge of the practice and related disciplines through a thorough examination of marketing competency.

This is the third year the Boston Chapter has had a dedicated CPSM Committee, which we established to make sure Boston was keeping up with many other chapters around the country and staying at the leading edge of our profession. In the first two years alone, we’ve had almost 10 SMPS Boston members become newly minted CPSMs. Congratulations to them all.

Some reasons that people have given for taking the exam include:

“In a company where certifications (technical mainly) are important, I felt it gave me more credibility with those in management. I believe it helps to show knowledge and expertise.”

“I wanted to be more fluent in the concepts, strategies, and thought leadership of our industry.  I’ve been at my current position for 15 years, love the firm, and we are very successful in the region. Even so, I know there are tactics we should be exploring and/or there are things we could be doing better.”

In terms of how the CPSM designation has benefited their career, people told us:

“‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ is holding us back in some ways. The additional knowledge I gained from studying for the CPSM shone a bright light on some areas of our marketing and BD efforts that are primed for improvement.”

“At one point I applied for and got a job for which the CPSM designation was a requirement. Although the position only lasted 13 months, it was a big and important step up for me. The CPSM designation on my resume is a credential that has opened some additional opportunities for me as an independent consultant.”

If you’ve been involved in marketing or business development in the AEC industry for at least four years (depending on your academic background) and have been at all considering studying for and taking the CPSM exam, we would like to invite you to an information session on October 21st at Margulies Perruzzi Architects, 308 Congress Street, Boston. We’ll have several CPSMs in attendance (some new, some old) to answer your questions, give you an idea of what would be in store, and offer that last bit of encouragement. Also, you do not have to be a member of SMPS to take the CPSM exam. We hope to see you all there!

Also, for those who may have difficulty paying for the exam process, we have budgeted several scholarships for just such a circumstance. Please feel free to discuss this with us.

An RSVP for the event, while not required, would be appreciated. Please email me with RSVPs or any questions at; or contact Hilary Nieukirk, CPSM, CPSM Committee Chair, at

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