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Voice from the Trenches: 6 Tips on Writing a Successful Go/No Go Form

September 2, 2014


Voice from the Trenches is a monthly series written by Valerie Conyngham, CPSM. Valerie is Marketing Manager at The Cecil Group, an urban design and planning firm in Boston.

It’s OK to admit that you’re not using a Go/No Go Form. I promise, you’re not alone. But if you’d like to implement a more formalized Go/No Go process, then creating a form is a great starting point.

I was updating my firm’s QMS Manual and came across an old Go/No Go form that was once (presumably) in use. I’ve never seen the form and no one at my firm ever mentioned the form to me; probably because it was 5 pages long and they were terrified I’d ask them to use it.

However, seeing this form reminded me that implementing a more formalized Go/No Go process should make it’s way off my to-do list and into practice. A few hours later, I had a thoughtfully crafted form unique to my firm’s marketing strategy.

Not sure where to start? Follow these tips:

  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. You can find great example Go/No Go forms at
  2. Templates are a great place to start, but customize your form so it’s meaningful to your firm and its strategy.
  3. Know your audience. Some firms feel more comfortable with a loose guide, others will want quantified output.
  4. Keep it simple: no more than one page.
  5. Remember, the form’s job is to guide meaningful conversation in your marketing or business development meetings.
  6. The form cannot give you a definitive Go or No Go. You can argue that a score of X is an automatic No Go, but there will always be a Principal that can veto that.

Want a copy of Valerie’s form? Connect through LinkedIn or on Twitter, @valconyngham.

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