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Favorite Five: May 2014

May 30, 2014

Headshot_ElenaLelchuk“Favorite Five” will henceforth be written by Elena Lelchuk, a Marketing & Public Relations Manager at Commodore Builders and a member of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee!

You can connect with Elena through Twitter (@ell923) or LinkedIn.

Hi everyone! Here are my five favorite links from the past month:

1. “Write an Executive Summary That Sells” by Geoffrey James

Geoffrey James, author of Business without the Bullsh*t, presents a simple outline to an effective Executive Summary. His write-up is based on a discussion with Tom Sant, author and expert on persuasive proposals and presentations. It’s worth a skim!

2. “Have We Hit Peak Punctuation?” by Megan Garber

Megan discusses the current excess use of punctuation…guilty as charged!!! Read about an interesting perspective on the use of punctuation to convey emotions and the shift from “purely lexical communications to image-based ones.”

3. “The Key to Balancing Business and Personal Social Media” by Kimberly Brind

With most professionals now embracing social media both professionally and personally, this a good source for some basic but not obvious tips on how to best present yourself to your audience.

4. “Beautiful Evidence” by Edward Tufte

After attending Edward Tufte’s one-day course back in March, I’ve noticed myself paying closer attention to the way I lay out Commodore’s proposal submissions and presentation materials. He has some practical applications on how to approach and most effectively present data and visual information in general. Edward Tufte is a Professor at Yale University, and this video features a few highlights from his course.

5. “Things Only an A/E/C Marketer Would Understand” by Kate Erdy

To end on a lighter note, this is a blog post by Kate Erdy filled with some accurate GIFs of thoughts that are so familiar, you can’t help but laugh. Enjoy!

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