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Career Ideas: Knowledge is Power!

May 20, 2014

Today’s post is courtesy of Benjamin Sawa, Corporate Development Manager at GEI Consultants and Vice President of SMPS Boston. Check out the previous entries in his Career Ideas series for Outlook.

As Malcolm Gladwell discusses in his bestseller, “Outliers,” it takes approximately 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert. While this book and Gladwell’s theory was not without its controversy, the spirit of the idea is fundamentally sound: “practice (to a certain extent) makes perfect.”

While much of Gladwell’s discussion circles around professional athletes, composers, artists, and other famous individuals, I think the same principles can be applied to our profession. The more we practice, gain new knowledge and skills, while reinforcing and strengthening existing expertise, the higher levels of excellence we can achieve.

Photo by Ozyman and art by Paige Nance

To do this, we as Marketers need to constantly develop and refine our skills. Much of this can be accomplished on our “down time.” My advice is to read blogs, books, and whatever you can get your hands on. Stay on top of trends and technology, and think about how they affect your company and industry.

Here are a sample of blogs, books, and websites that I use to stay sharp:

Questions for Ben? He can be reached at

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