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Diary of a CPSM Candidate: I Can Definitely Do This

March 20, 2014

This year’s “Diary of a CPSM Candidate” series is written by Anna Luciano, Marketing & Communications Specialist at Nitsch Engineering and Director of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee. Anna is planning to take the CPSM exam in 2014, and is participating in the SMPS Boston CPSM study group that runs through June. She can be reached through Twitter @annaluciano or LinkedIn.

SMPS CPSMAfter the debacle of not finishing my reading for Domain 1 (Marketing Research), I gave myself SO. MUCH. TIME. to do the reading for Domain 2 (Marketing Plan). I broke up the reading into manageable chunks. I didn’t let myself watch TV at home until I did my nightly reading. I took awesome notes on color-coded index cards. In sum? I dominated Domain 2.

Then came the study group…

… and, for the most part, I actually felt confident!

We have been starting each meeting with “Two Truths & a Lie,” with each study group member responsible for creating the statements for one chapter. As we went through, I did pretty well at identifying the “lies” from the reading, and I began to realize that if I do the reading and take notes to help me remember the key points, I would probably retain the information for the test.

When we moved on to the quiz, things got tougher – the CPSM committee has taken the time to put together pretty tricky questions for each chapter, structured in the same way that questions will be structured on the test. Thankfully, this quiz taught me a valuable lesson for studying for the test: don’t assume that some of the content from the Marketing Handbook won’t be on the test because it is too obscure or hard to remember. Immediately after the meeting, I went back through some information I had only skimmed the first time and spent the time to take thorough notes.

In general, studying for Domain 2 provided me with a sense of confidence that I hope will carry me through the rest of my studying (and the test taking). I can do this!

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