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Favorite Five: December 2013

December 19, 2013

“Favorite Five” is written by Anna Luciano, Marketing & Communications Specialist at Nitsch Engineering and Director of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee. Each month, she chooses five favorite web articles on A/E/C marketing topics. Well, almost every month – she’s currently hanging her head in shame that she hasn’t made a list since AUGUST! Anna can be reached through Twitter @annaluciano or LinkedIn.

“20 Best Practices for AEC Proposals: Part 4,” by Kate Erdy: I already posted about Parts 1-3 of this great series, and Part 4 doesn’t disappoint. This last installment focuses on tips for review and quality control. Overall, this was an amazing series from a very smart A/E/C marketer.

“The Strawberry Jam Theory,” by David Stone, posted on Stone & Company’s blog: It’s New Year’s Resolution time, and for me, that means assessing what 2014 should look like for marketing. This is a great read that reminded me how important it is to be reasonable about what our marketing team can accomplish, and to prioritize my marketing responsibilities based on what will help us meet our corporate goals.

“A Little Help to Stop Hiding from your To-Do List,” by Kristen Kalp, posted on BrandCamp: Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions… it’s no secret that time management is a topic I just can’t read enough about. I’m hoping that this very simple recommendation will inspire me get more done in 2014!

“Top 10 Commercials of 2013,” by Laura Stampler, published by Time: Every marketer I know loves good commercials, and I’m no different. I love end of year “best” lists (books, movies, songs, etc.), but there’s a special spot in my heart for the best commercial lists. This one from Time is great, with great ads that make you laugh, think, and cry.

“Google Zeitgeist 2013,” by Google (obviously): Every year, Google’s end-of-year summary of what people searched for makes me tear up. Such a wonderful, thoughtful way to remember 2013… and start looking forward to the new year!

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