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Favorite Five: August 2013

August 29, 2013

“Favorite Five” is written by Anna Luciano, Senior Marketing Coordinator at Nitsch Engineering and Director of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee. Each month, she chooses five favorite web articles on A/E/C marketing topics. She can be reached through Twitter @annaluciano or LinkedIn.

“Be Unapologetically Focused: Why Having a Great Strategy Matters,” by William Allen, posted on 99U: None of us have enough time to get everything done that we want to get done. In this article, Allen writes about how a well-defined strategy allows people to focus on core issues and properly prioritize projects. I particulary like how Allen points out, “Developing and implementing a strategy means battling our natural tendencies to say ‘yes’ to everything, denying the very real appeal of being a generalist.”

“30 Digital Marketing Statistics You Can’t Afford To Ignore,” by Shea Bennett, posted on Media Bistro’s All Twitter: Infographic time! This infographic has some great data about email marketing, blogging, and video content. Those of us in A/E/C can mostly ignore the product/shopping tips.

“20 Best Practices for AEC Proposals: Part 3” by Kate Erdy: I know, I know, I’m stalking Kate Erdy online. But I can’t help it – she has great ideas and information. I posted about Parts I & II last month, and now she’s on to Part III, where she covers content development.

“How to Use Photoshop: The Ultimate Guide for the Design-Impaired Marketer,” by Desmond Wong, posted on HubSpot’s blog: When checking out HubSpot’s archives, I found this article from January with great tips for marketers who find themselves “doing” graphic design with no training or background. There are some great tips in here!

“10 journalism resources for PR pros,” by Aaron Gottlieb, posted on Ragan’s PR Daily: This article has links to 10 great websites that provide tips, tricks, news, and advice for PR & communication pros. Taken together, they’ll give you a better insight into how to work with the media.

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