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Favorite Five: July 2013

August 5, 2013

“Favorite Five” is written by Anna Luciano, Senior Marketing Coordinator at Nitsch Engineering and Director of the SMPS Boston Communications Committee. Each month, she chooses five favorite web articles on A/E/C marketing topics. She can be reached through Twitter @annaluciano or LinkedIn.

“InDesign Tips and Tricks for Proposals,” by Mandy Anderson, posted on the SMPS Wisconsin Blog: I love InDesign, and have been using it to layout prime proposals and other marketing pieces for the past 6 years at least. That said, I only recently began using templates… and now I’m not sure why I waited so long to do that. This post has great tips on how to create and use an InDesign template file.

“20 Best Practices for AEC Proposals” by Kate Erdy: Kate always has great insights into AEC Marketing, and I am loving her tips for developing great proposals. In Part I (which you can view here), she posts about best practices for proposal set up. In Part II (which you can view here), she covers graphic design tips. I can’t wait for the next two installments in the series!

“26 Tips to Create a Strong Social Media Content Strategy,” by Debbie Hanley, posted on SocialMedia Examiner: I am all about strategy. Social media marketing has a lot of potential in the AEC industry… but it’s just so easy to fall down the social media wormhole where you somehow lose HOURS of time each day. And we all know we just don’t have time for that! This piece has some good tips on how to focus your efforts.

“INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet,” by Dan Wilkerson, posted on LunaMetrics: It’s no secret that I love infographics. That said, sometimes the ones that are 900 feet long, and are therefore impossible for me to print out to hang in my cube, annoy me. This one is long, but NOT annoying, because it’s wonderfully organized to show the correct dimensions of different social media graphic elements… and the author is updating the information as sizing dimensions change, so the link will always be up to date. NICE.

“30 High Quality and Most Influential Web Design Blogs of All Time” by Dainis Graveris, posted on 1stwebdesigner: I like inspiration. A lot. So I am loving this article with links to 30 web design blogs that are just chock full of inspiration. Graveris helpfully included what is unique on each site, statistics about each site’s reach, and popular articles.


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