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Diary of a CPSM Candidate – One Last Thing to Say

July 24, 2013

Diary of a CPSM Candidate is written by Valerie Conyngham, Marketing Manager at The Cecil Group, an urban design and planning firm in Boston. The opinions expressed below are hers and hers alone. She can be reached through LinkedIn or Twitter @valconyngham.

SMPS CPSMI had no intention of writing an after the facts post, but now that my CPSM study group has come through the exam, some passing and some not, I feel that there is one important thing left to say. It’s not a prompt to encourage people to take the test, it’s a simple statement of facts. There were ten of us that sat for the CPSM exam on June 28th and there is one thing that I strongly believe we all hold in common, whether we passed or not. We are 100% dedicated to our profession. We are the ones that didn’t give in to the enclave of “not enough time” excuses. So while obtaining the CPSM designation can be a distinguishing factor in a crowded job market, the real value we’ve all shown is our willingness to give up our personal time to advance our professional development. The ten people I sat with in the exam room are some of the most dedicated professionals I’ve met and they continued to demonstrate that throughout the three months we spent together. Even after bad news had been dealt, the majority started planning the next study group to prepare for re-taking the exam. It’s a level of dedication that too many of us lack.

In tandem, I read an article in which Sam Goodner shared the one interview question he asks of all candidates he interviews at Catapult Systems. That question is what’s the last non-fiction book you read and what did you learn from it? His reasoning is that everyone, no matter what their profession, should be continually seeking to stay current in their chosen line of work. Ask that question to any of the people in my study group and I’m confident they’ll provide an intellectual answer, real knowledge and catapult themselves to the top of your shortlist.

Thank you to everyone in my CPSM study group for not only getting me through the exam, but for opening my eyes to the genuine dedication that can be found within our field of marketing.

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