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Social Media: 5 Identifiers to Strengthen Your Brand

January 22, 2013

Today’s post is courtesy of Suzan Czajkowski, M.A., founder and owner of the online marketing and communication firm MyCommCoach. You can reach Suzan at or follow her on Twitter at @MyCommCoach.

12537802942yLT1cAre you using more than one social media account to market your business online? It might take a little more attention and work, but using a variety of social media channels may produce a strong tactic that can strengthen your brand and enable you to connect with clients and prospects through a variety of entry points online.

However, if you represent your business even just a little differently in each of your social media accounts, your online marketing presence can look sloppy and unprofessional. This can weaken your brand and undermine all of your hard work.

Each site that you maintain is a doorway through which a prospect may find you, so it is essential that they find the same “you” regardless of which door they use.

Look at these five brand identifiers across every social media account that you use to make sure your branding is consistent:

1. Customize your URL: Make sure that the URL for each social media page reflects your brand. Try to use the same branding across all of your social media so that your readers can find you using the same moniker no matter where they are.

How to do this:

LinkedIn profile: In the LinkedIn menu at the top of the page, select Profile > Edit Profile. Below your picture you will see your URL. Click on the “edit” hyperlink to the right of that address. On the next page, right column, find the box entitled “Your public profile URL” and click on “customize your public profile URL” and follow the instructions. (example:

Twitter: At the top of the page, click on the gear graphic and select “settings.” On the next page, change your username to reflect your brand. Changing your Twitter user name will change your URL and also the username you sign in with, but it will not affect your existing followers or any messages that have been exchanged. (example:

Facebook business page: From your business page, under your profile photo click on “about”. Next to “Basic Info”, click “edit”. On the next page, near the top, edit your username to match your brand. (example: HINT: You can also do this for your Facebook personal page.

2. Use consistent visuals: Across every social media account, make sure every profile picture uses the exact same image. Whether it is a photo or your logo, this gives your clients visual consistency, reassuring them at a glance that they have landed on the correct page.

3. Describe your business the same way every time: Make sure that your business description is the same across all of your accounts. Some social media platforms, like Twitter, provide limited space and so your description may be significantly shorter, but it should still convey the exact same message as each of your other social media profiles.

4. Include your website link: Because this is a simple step, it can be an easy one to miss! If one of your social media goals is to direct readers to your website, make sure you include your website address in every social media profile. Also occasionally include your website address in a status update, since readers don’t always check out your profile. HINT: Most sites will make your URL an active link if you include http:// at the beginning of it. (example:

5. Link your employer listing to your business page: In Facebook and Linkedin specifically, make sure that when you click on your employer, the hotlink takes you directly to your business page. If you own your own business, this facilitates an easy interconnection between your personal profile and your business profile. If you work as an employee for a larger company, this will associate you with other profiles connected to that same company.

Together, these five identifiers generate a consistent branding message across all of your social media accounts, strengthening your brand and creating a professional online marketing presence.


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