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Use These 5 Questions to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

December 18, 2012

Today’s post is courtesy of Suzan Czajkowski, M.A., founder and owner of the online marketing and communication firm MyCommCoach. You can reach Suzan at  or follow her on Twitter at @MyCommCoach.

linkedinProfessional recommendations are an important part of your LinkedIn profile. You will likely have to ask some of your trusted colleagues to submit one for you, and you may very well be asked to recommend someone else. It is important that you do both of these things; the recommendations you get and the ones you give all provide insight that the rest of your LinkedIn profile barely hints at.

So how do you write a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn?

Answer these five questions to identify the key points you’ll need to write your recommendation:

  1. In what capacity did you work with/for this person? (Examples: consultant, together with, colleague, friend while there, however you want to phrase it)
  2. For how long is the above true?
  3. What positive qualities about this person did you observe? (Examples: organized, enthusiastic, focused, respected, knowledgeable, etc.)
  4. What did this person do that highlights those qualities? (Consider especially those times when they were working with clients, in their lab work or writing, in meetings, or even simply “in everything she/he did”, etc.)
  5. What would you recommend this person for in their future? (Examples: great boss, excellent leader, mentor, trusted colleague, partner, etc.)

Lastly, whenever you send or receive a recommendation, be sure to review it for grammar and spelling as well as content. Don’t hesitate to politely request the author to make a necessary change. That recommendation – and any mistakes in it – will reflect on you and on the person who wrote it, for good or for bad.

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