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Reasons to Serve

April 5, 2012

As you’ve no doubt heard, SMPS Boston is currently accepting applications to serve on the Board as Vice President/President Elect, Chapter Secretary, and Directors-at-Large. Nominations are due April 13th. We know that deciding to run for the Board can be a big decision – so if you’re still on the fence about applying, read on to learn about the benefits of serving on the Board, and some tips on how to be a successful leader.

SMPS National recently posted two pieces on their blog about joining an SMPS Board: the first shares some of the many the benefits of serving, and the second provides tips on how to be a successful leader. Each piece includes specific insights on serving on a Board from SMPS leaders across the country.

Wondering why you should run to be on the Board? Some of the benefits of serving include gaining client access, building leadership skills, gaining recognition and credibility for your firm, improving your professional skills, and building invaluable personal relationships. You can view Benefits of SMPS leadership for you and your firm in its entirety here.

Perhaps you are thinking that serving on the Board will be too time consuming, or that you’ll never be able to manage it all. SMPS National has tips for you, including the importance of having a clear vision, communicating effectively, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, learning to work as part of a team, and managing your time. You can view Traits of effective leaders and how to manage it all in its entirety here.

Inspired to apply to serve on the SMPS Boston Board? Click here for more information on how to nominate yourself!

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