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Back to School: CPSM Domain 6: Marketing & Business Performance

December 6, 2011

CPSM study groups will begin January 19th. Please consider joining us!

Special thanks to CBT Architects for hosting our first session.

Marketing and Business performance includes business development, client retention and relations, and how to manage consultants and vendors. It also includes how to facilitate staffing and staff development, how to integrate marketing and operations, planning and budgeting, marketing liability, contracts and integrated project delivery.

Tackling domain 6 puts you in a greater position to integrate all of the specific marketing functions we discussed in domains 1-5 and manage them with an eye towards operations. You will gain better insight into how to interface with managers in other departments and functions within your company, and will learn about ways to ensure that marketing holds an equal presence at the bargaining table.

Knowledge areas include:

  • Management and motivational techniques
  • Record management systems for project, personnel, consultant, proposal, and/or visual infor-mation
  • Computerized database management systems
  • Staff training techniques
  • Individual and group dynamics
  • Leadership and team-building principles
  • Evaluation techniques for design/production efficiency and quality control
  • Promoting and rewarding high-quality team performance and effective client service
  • Techniques for resource management and costs/benefit analysis

CPSM Study prep will help in the development your of essential skill sets. As part of CPSM certification, you’ll be required to:

  • Manage/supervise the activities of marketing and support staff
  • Coordinate marketing efforts and provide a communication link across departments, disci-plines, and/or branch offices
  • Develop and maintain systems to extract, categorize, and retrieve information related to con-sultants, personnel, projects, prior proposals, boilerplate, visuals, mailing lists, and promo¬tional items
  • Develop and maintain an internal communications program to facilitate information shar¬ing within the firm; inform and involve the principals and technical staff regarding marketing efforts
  • Conduct marketing-related workshops/training for the principals and technical staff
  • Attend professional development activities
  • Monitor information, resource, and organizational expenditures to ensure consistency with budget
  • Recruit and keep star performers
  • Build high-performance teams linked to key client groups
  • Refine the design/production process to improve efficiency and quality control

Throughout the CPSM study process, reading materials, application of resources and interaction with chapter CPSM’s will prepare you to delve into the finer points of how to use promotional activity to your advantage. This practical approach to industry-specific applications will deepen your marketing knowledge and validate your commitment to your profession.

Please join us for the 2012 CPSM Exam Study Sessions staring January 19th. For more information, please contact

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