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Back to School: CPSM Domain 5: Promotional Activity

November 17, 2011

CPSM study groups will begin in January. Please consider joining us!

Promotional activity is the catch-all phrase that includes branding, public relations, advertising, marketing collateral, photography, tradeshows and conferences, and internal communications.

Throughout the study preparation for domain five, we will discuss how each of these components interweave to help create a robust and interactive marketing program, and how they can support each of the other domains we are studying.

Knowledge areas include:

  • Interpreting the results of client perception surveys and image studies
  • Communicating the firm’s image and objectives
  • Procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activity
  • Advertising media
  • Business/social etiquette and protocol
  • Trade show event management
  • Industry/media/civic events
  • Technical and journalistic publication writing techniques
  • Sources for a press list
  • Format and content of promotional publications
  • Tailoring promotional materials to a target audience
  • Graphic design
  • Printing
  • Copyright laws and authorized use of visuals
  • Web page design
  • Information delivery methods
  • Slide production requirements and costs
  • Production and use of photography
  • Techniques to qualify, interview, and select vendors and consultants
  • Awards programs, submission guidelines, and deadlines
  • Special events planning
  • Create slide shows for presentations
  • Coordinate finished project photography
  • Select, manage, and direct the activities of specialized consultants
  • Prepare and coordinate awards competition entries
  • Coordinate firm special events

CPSM Study prep will help in the development your of essential skill sets. As part of CPSM certification, you’ll be required to:

  • Develop image and corporate identity
  • Manage promotional program expenditures to ensure consistency with the budget
  • Develop an advertising plan to support the firm’s marketing program objectives
  • Develop corporate entertainment strategies to ensure maximum exposure
  • Represent the firm at media events, civic and professional group meetings, client industry trade associations, and community and industry activities to enhance the image of the company
  • Write press releases, journal articles, and/or newsletters to generate publicity for the firm
  • Create written/print promotional materials consistent with an overall marketing and business plan and update on a regular basis; create electronic promotional materials consistent with the overall marketing and business plan and update on a regular basis

Throughout the CPSM study process, reading materials, application of resources and interaction with chapter CPSM’s will prepare you to delve into the finer points of how to use promotional activity to your advantage. This practical approach to industry-specific applications will deepen your marketing knowledge and validate your commitment to your profession.

Please join us for the 2012 CPSM Exam Study Sessions staring in January. For more information, please contact

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