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Back to School: CPSM Domain 3: Client and Business Development

November 8, 2011

CPSM study groups will begin in January. Please consider joining us!

Client and Business Development is the third domain of professional practice that you’ll study during your CPSM exam prep. Knowledge areas include:

  • Strategic planning techniques
  • Interpreting and applying market research results to client and business development, prospect information sources
  • Techniques used to screen and classify prospects
  • Key elements of contact management programs and databases
  • Methods for initiating client research calls and maintaining contact
  • Fostering/building client relations
  • Effective frequency of client contact
  • Methods for conducting client perception studies

In the introduction to Domain 3 of the Marketing Handbook for the Design and Construction Professional, Third Edition you will read “There is an old adage in sales. It says No sales…no company. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, nothing sells itself. Therefore, a strong sales and business development program is fundamental to the life, health, and wealth of your firm.”

Studying about client and business development will enable you to screen prospects to ensure efficient use of BD resources, develop a plan that is in line with your firm’s goals and values, learn to listen to your prospects needs in order to better serve them, and learn how to manage and foster customer and prospect relationships effectively.

CPSM Study prep will help in the development your of essential skill sets. As part of CPSM certification, you’ll be required to:

  • Create business development guidelines and strategies for pursuing clients or projects
  • Screen or pre-qualify client or project leads from market research, referrals, contacts, cold calls, and other sources to establish new client relationships and to ascertain project opportunities, interest/appropriateness, and requirements of follow-up calls
  • Develop, implement, and monitor contact management process
  • Initiate and maintain ongoing contact with prospective clients to build a professional relationship and project opportunities
  • Initiate, follow up, and maintain contact with current and past clients to track client satisfaction and initiate corrective action, if needed

Throughout the CPSM study process, reading materials, application of resources and interaction with chapter CPSM’s will prepare you to delve into the finer points of client and business development. This practical approach to industry-specific applications will deepen your marketing knowledge and validate your commitment to your profession.

Please join us for the 2012 CPSM Exam Study Sessions staring in January. For more information, please contact

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