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How to Gain and Retain Clients: Establishing Trust, Respect, and Likability Fast

September 21, 2011

Keynote speaker Hilary Fordwich, Business Development International

SMPS Build Business Conference, August 2011

Today’s post is courtesy of Nicola Migliacci, Marketing Coordinator III, HNTB Corporation

Friday morning’ keynote speaker Hilary Fordwich, President & CEO, Business Development International (A division of LSI), presented on the importance of being likeable and gaining trust and respect from your clients. Her purpose was to show that with likeability, trust and respect, a client will want to work with you.

Hilary is a national expert in business development, strategic relationship building and client relationship management, and throughout her presentation, she shared several entertaining anecdotes of personal experiences engaging clients, building relationships and creating that sense of ‘want.’

A key point Hilary made at the beginning of her speech was that 15% of the success of professional services is due to technical knowledge and 85% is due to the skill in human engineering. She followed this up with the definition of likeability, trust and respect, and provided valuable tips on how a client should be treated. Hilary then shared her proven method of success of following the 5 Cs of Relationship Truth:

  1. Concern
  2. Candor
  3. Communication
  4. Competence
  5. Connection

Not only is Hilary consulted for her strategic business techniques, she is also an avid competitor and expert in golf.

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