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Social Media Tips from NERC

June 9, 2011

Social Media was a hot topic at the SMPS New England Regional Conference (NERC), with multiple sessions that talked about how to use different channels to reach different marketing and business development goals. Some of the key points that attendees walked away with:

  • As social media becomes more popular, it’s important for firms to make sure they have a policy in place for how to handle it. SMPS National has a number of resources available to help with this at (which you must be a SMPS member to access).
  • Business development is focused on figuring out who you should be doing business with; once you’ve identified the firm, social media (especially LinkedIn) makes it easier to figure out who you should approach.
  • Social media won’t make the sale for you – face time is still critical for business development. But social media can make it a warm call, not a cold call.
  • Social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter help with referral generation by directing people back to your “virtual home base” (usually your company web site). This is because search engines assign more credibility to top-ranked sites and frequently updated sites … and LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are both.
  • Blogs are the backbone of social media efforts.
  • Social media is a tactic, not a strategy. You can use the different channels to address a lot of goals (such as branding, publicity, market research), but your goals need to be clearly defined to be successful.

Thanks to NERC presenters Diane Danielson of DKD New Media Strategies; Susan Shelby of Rhino PR; Bill Mack of Integrated Builders; and Aurora Cammarata of Spagnolo Gisness & Associates for these tips – each of these points came from one of their presentations!

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