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Ask the Experts: Marketing Achievements

March 8, 2011

A month ago, you asked Kathy McMahon, the Marketing Director at CBT architects, a few questions. Today, Kathy answers the question, “What are some of the things you are most proud of that your firm has done, particularly regarding marketing over the last 2-3 years?”

I have been at CBT for just three years this February. We have accomplished a lot to be proud of in both the boom time when I first joined and in the last two years of recession. First, the projects CBT has the privilege to work on are some of the most interesting and prestigious in the city including the newly opened Atlantic Wharf, the office building for Liberty Mutual in the Back Bay in design currently, the MFS office space in the Prudential, and the recently unveiled MFA renovation and expansion with Foster’s office. In addition to those well known projects, we have also done civic work on libraries for Woburn and Somerville, completed the Modern Theater and Residence Hall at Suffolk University, finished the Mandarin Hotel and Residences, won five projects at Miami University of Ohio, and expanded our multi-family residential work in Taiwan and the Middle East.

The variety and breadth of work CBT does is staggering and truly awe-inspiring. In marketing, we have made smart go/no-go decisions, honed our proposals to be very client specific and targeted, revamped our web site to better showcase our work and update our content, and started a Facebook page and made micro-movies to better connect with those interested in CBT via social media. We’ve focused on and won a lot of awards which help with both internal morale and external brand awareness which helps in a down economy. We had to reduce staff and cut expenses to make it through the last two years which was tough and often painful, but we are seeing a steady increase in business and are hiring again. I think we’ll make it through but it wasn’t always easy. It took a lot of leadership, teamwork, a positive attitude in the face of adversity, and a dedication to marketing ourselves creatively and strategically.


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