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Twitter Hotspots

August 26, 2010

by @ValConyngham and @Karen_E

If you already lo-o-ove Twitter and connect often with other SMPS members on Twitter, please ignore this post. You are busy following pundits and celebrities and chatting with new and old SMPS friends about marketing and other subjects. If all of this is fairly new to you, and you crave more knowledge to fully launch yourself on Twitter, then read on! We are going to show you a few Twitter hotspots, tailor-made for SMPS.

You already have a Twitter account, right? If not, sign up! Then, using a laptop or desktop where you are comfortable, download a free application to help you better manage your Twitter feeds. TweetDeck and HootSuite are good ones to try out. Using either one allows you to see your tweets, replies, friends’ activity, and searches all at once. You might feel like you are staffing an air traffic control board (kind of cool).

A note about hardware. Many people who tweet on the go like to use their smartphone. On the other hand, many full-time writers tweet from their desks using a large monitor, which is where TweetDeck and HootSuite really shine.

Back to the hotspots. We should give credit to a few groups that use Twitter well and have done so for awhile. For instance, St. Louis hosts a monthly tweet chat. Their first one began on July 30, 2009. Join their next one on 9/30 at 1:30 CST (follow them at @SMPS_STL to get invited).

The Capital of Twitter. The members of @SMPS-DC are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to community building. The LinkedIn Group “Design and Construction Network” started by DC member @TimKlabunde has over 9,000 members and its own Twitter Twibe with 81-plus tweeters. In anticipation of Build Business, DC members @ErinOrr and @ReillyBri organized a TweetUp and spread the word throughout the Twitterverse. Thirty-plus SMPS tweeters showed up from various parts of the U.S., including SMPS Boston incoming president @Matt_Hawk and local social media maven @AllisonBrooks.

Build Business. At Build Business, hosted by SMPS last month, Twitter usage amongst marketers in our industry took off (feathers were flying!). Using the hashtag #SMPS2010 (for the 2010 national SMPS conference), twitterers at the conference created an index of tweets. In order to look back at the conversation, we made use of the site What the Hashtag?!. There, we simply entered the hashtag plus a start and end date to generate a list of tweets, which, taken together, display a full conversation. Here’s what emerges from the transcript:

  • Some tweeters take notes in real-time of pithy or useful things said by workshop presenters, thus making their notebook available to all.
  • Others gave meta-commentary about workshops, building on ideas presented.
  • Still others used the notation RT to re-tweet good ideas. The number of RTs after a tweet is some indication of that tweet’s resonance to our community.
  • Some used it to recommend particular speakers, or even attendees.
  • Plus, those that couldn’t attend the conference could have a front row seat in the conversation by using the hashtag on Twitter.
  • After the conference had ended, the tweeting still continued on with a Tweet Chat on July 27, allowing for the exchange of even more ideas.

Tweeting was so inspired and prevalent at Build Business that we may even see Twitter handles on nametags at future events.

You might ask: If I want to join the conversation, how do I find SMPS members on Twitter? Use to follow everyone that was using hashtag #SMPS2010. For another group of twitterers, join the Design and Construction Network Twibe then click the “follow all” link: You can also use WeFollow to find fellow SMPS tweeters, here:

We hope the links and Twitter handles mentioned here help you join the conversation. We need to hear a few more Boston accents out there in the Twitterverse!


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  1. August 26, 2010 10:41 am

    Great post! SMPS is known for its networking. SMPS Tweeps keep it going 24/365. My resources/mentors/advisors increased significantly. Quick information all in 140 characters!

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