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Senior Member Profile: Laurie Strickland

August 12, 2010

SMPS Boston is lucky to have a number of senior marketers involved in our chapter, including numerous past chapter presidents. Because these experienced marketers are a great resource for all SMPS Boston members, the Outlook blog will feature profiles of various senior members on a regular basis. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Laurie B. Strickland, CPSM, the Marketing Director at Nitsch Engineering, Inc.

Laurie StricklandHow long have you been working in the marketing industry?
32 years

What has your involvement in SMPS been like? When were you president?
I have been involved with SMPS Boston since 1984. My involvement with SMPS has enriched my career in countless ways – professional development, network building, personal friendships, keeping on top of industry trends, and visibility for my firm. I have always been involved in committees – I was on the Board 1990-91 and president 2007-2008.

How has the industry changed since you started?
How hasn’t it would be a better question! We’ve gone from the first rudimentary PCs, paper files, really cutting and pasting, and landline phones to digitally storing everything, lightweight lightning-fast laptops and smart phones; printing companies printing all our collateral materials at great expense to print on-demand and PDFs; no Internet or global marketplace to social media, search engine optimization, and websites with content management systems… need I go on? Adapting and growing has been the name of the game.

What is a lesson learned from your time in the industry as a marketing professional?
Everything changes – FAST – going with the flow, continuously learning, keeping up with trends and technology, and not lamenting how easy whatever it is seemed to be in the past will keep you going!

What piece of advice would you tell a young marketer just starting out?
Try to find a job where you will work with someone who can mentor you, and in a company that values the role of the marketing professional and respects your contributions.

The recession has made a large impact on the marketing profession and the marketer’s role in a firm. What would you advise marketing professionals to do in terms of “showing their value” to firm principals?
Always look for ways to bring value to your firm and your “internal” clients, and in turn to your external clients – keep thinking about how you can help your principals and project managers give exceptional value to their clients.


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