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Getting Colleagues Involved in Marketing

August 4, 2010

Time for Part 2 of August’s Advice from an Expert! Today, you can read Marc Pelletier’s tips on getting people involved in marketing plans. Read yesterday’s tips on differentiating your company here. And stay tuned for networking tips tomorrow!

How do you make all employees feel involved in company marketing plans? I feel as though the plans are often seen as something only the principals need to support, but I want to get everyone’s buy in!

The best thing to do is mount a mirror somewhere in your office, with a caption that reads “Marketing Department.” This is a personal corollary to the statement “Marketing is not a department.” As others have stated, every activity is a marketing activity. From the way your phone is answered to the delivery of any service by project architects, engineers, managers, accountants, drafters, laborers – every one of these is a marketing activity.

Specific “marketing” activities (RFP responses, presentation preparation, public relations) should be presented to everyone in the company. You would be surprised how few people actually know what it is that “marketers” do – why not show them? That way, you can probably get them to want to take part in what you do. Conversely, do you and the rest of your ‘marketing department’ really know what it is that your technical people do?

It has been my experience that many of us “marketers” don’t know enough about what our co-workers really do. Ask one of the architects, engineers, project managers, superintendents (anyone who does something that you don’t) to make a presentation to you and your fellow “marketers.” You will be amazed how certain things will start to “click” – this will lead to better SOQs, proposals, presentations, etc.

Remember, if every activity is a marketing activity, and everyone is part of the “Marketing Department,” then everybody should be working together!



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