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How to Differentiate Your Company

August 3, 2010

Time for Advice from an Expert! In July, you asked Marc Pelletier, Director of Client Services for BOND, three questions. Marc has more than 40 years of A/E/C experience, giving him a unique level of insight into all kinds of marketing challenges. Marc has taken it upon himself to answer all three questions: today, you can read Marc’s thoughts on differentiating your company from your competition. Tomorrow, you’ll get some tips on getting people involved in marketing plans. And on Thursday, stay tuned for networking tips.

How do you differentiate your company from your competition? Any tips on how to figure out the best approach to this?

Every company has a distinct offering; the key is to unlock this, and then use it to your advantage. Think about the most successful projects and best relationships with clients your firm has ever developed, designed or built. What was it that made these projects successful for the firm? Ask the project participants about what made these projects so great, and why the clients were more than happy with the results.

Something happened, something good happened – now you need to take the lessons of those experiences and apply them to future opportunities. Next, you should visit those projects and clients and ask them to confirm and expound on this; they will appreciate the attention and will probably try to help you win new work.

You then have to be able to tell the story to a new client, and make them understand that your unique and special service, your dedication and passion, and your people are ready to make them successful. You should also get your past client to speak as a trusted advocate.

So, the key is not to differentiate your company from your competition, but to develop your own story that no other firm can match. The story is yours and yours alone.



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