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Social Media in AEC: Moving Towards Reality?

July 27, 2010

Over the past year, social media has become a very hot topic in the A/E/C industry. One year ago, the SMPS Foundation published a white paper titled Social Networking for Competitive Advantage last July. In April, Marketer published an article titled Social Networking: Current Industry Practices (with opinions from three SMPS Boston members: article co-author Valerie Conyngham of The Cecil Group, and interview subjects Karen Euler of CRJA and Allison Brooks of Winter Street Architects). Last week, ENR published an article on balancing social media with traditional marketing. And two hours ago, at 1 PM Eastern Time, SMPS members across the country gathered online for a TweetChat to discuss what they learned at Build Business (you can read the stream by clicking here – only available for a few days, though!).

There are still many questions about how social media platforms can benefit businesses… especially business-to-business companies like those in the A/E/C industry. Only time will tell how this will play out… but what do you think? Will social media prove a valuable platform for A/E/C marketing? Why or why not?

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