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Build Business Keynote: Rise of the Trust Agents

July 22, 2010

Chris Brogan, co-author of the best-selling book Rise of the Trust Agents, kicked off Friday’s Build Business sessions with a keynote speech about the change from traditional marketing to social media marketing.

First off, Chris deserves serious praise for energizing and entertaining a room full of marketers who had stayed up too late the night before at the SMPS National Awards Gala. He was alternately hilarious and insightful, and provided tons of useful tips for marketers. If you want all the amazing details from his speech, we would highly recommend reading his book (find out where to buy it here).

After talking about the new marketing landscape and the importance of creating your own game, Chris wrapped up his speech with four things to remember (and they apply to marketing in general, not just social media marketing!):

  1. Be helpful. It sells.
  2. Listen. Use listening tools to find out what your clients really want.
  3. Publish. Think like a media company.
  4. Promote other people’s stuff 12 times for every one thing you do yourself. (Okay, this one applies mostly to social media.)

Did you attend the keynote address or read Rise of the Trust Agents? If so, let us know what you thought!

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