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Submit Questions for Marc Pelletier

July 8, 2010

Now that we’ve heard from last month’s expert, it’s time to submit new questions to a new expert. Now’s your chance to ask Marc Pelletier, an A/E/C veteran with more than 40 years in the industry,  for marketing advice!

Marc Pelletier is Director of Client Services for BOND, where he plays a leadership role in business development and marketing. He has been affiliated with SMPS for years, and has served as Co-chair of the Programs Committee, Treasurer, Vice President (when he co-chaired the 2005 Regional Conference), and as finally Chapter President (2005-06).

From 2005-2007, Marc was Charter Director of the PWC (Professional Women in Construction/CT Chapter). His affiliation with the Construction Institute (Connecticut) included his service as Co-chair of the 2001 Facilities Expo and Conference. Marc has supported SCUP (Society for College and University Planning) and was the North Atlantic corporate member of the SCUP Culture Task Force from 2003-2005. Marc is also a member of AGC Massachusetts, Boston Society of Architects, Massachusetts Building Congress, and the Boston Athenaeum, and has made presentations at Build Boston and SMPS Education Series.

Mark is currently Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Boston Architectural College. A strong BAC supporter, he serves as well on the Institutional Advancement Committee, Nominations and Membership Committee, the Board/Overseer Orientation Planning Task Force, Marketing and Communications Network Task Force, Strategic Planning Committee, and the President’s Review Committee.

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  1. July 20, 2010 3:06 pm

    Last month’s call for questions included these two that have not been answered:

    1. How do you differentiate your company from your competition? Any tips on how to figure out the best approach to this?

    2. How do you make all employees feel involved in company marketing plans? I feel as though the plans are often seen as something only the principals need to support, but I want to get everyone’s buy in!

  2. July 22, 2010 10:39 am

    You’re great at networking and business development – any tips you can provide those of us who are still trying to figure things out?

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