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Celebrating by Giving Back

June 29, 2010

Everyone loves an anniversary party. But who doesn’t love making a difference even more?

The Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) is a non-profit organization that provides access to services and resources for families, provides training and professional development for early childhood educators and caregivers, and builds community initiatives that benefit children and their families. Due to a reduction in state funding, the agency needs supplemental funding to keep its programs and services intact.

Enter Rhino Public Relations. Founder Susan Shelby, CPSM – a past president of SMPS Boston – sits on the Board of CCRC, and had a first-hand understanding of the agency’s needs.

Photo of donation check

left to right: Pam Rodes, Pioneer Investments (CCRC Board Member); Gloria Franqui, executive director, CCRC; Susan Shelby, principal, Rhino Public Relations (CCRC Board Member); and Laura Wernick, AIA, senior principal, HMFH Architects (CCRC Board Member) with the donation of $3,400.

In lieu of holding a traditional anniversary party, Rhino decided to focus its fifth year anniversary celebration around community support, with a goal of raising funds for CCRC, as well as awareness of the importance of giving back.  More than 60 people attended Rhino’s party, including staff members from CCRC. Rhino matched the first $1,000 raised with its own gift to CCRC … and ended up raising $3,400 for CCRC!

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to give back to such a deserving agency,” said Susan Shelby, CPSM, principal of Rhino Public Relations. “CCRC has been particularly impacted by a reduction in state funding and this gift will help maintain essential operations in challenging economic times. We offer our heartfelt thanks to our many clients and friends that met this challenge head-on and gave generously to a great cause.”

Gloria Franqui, the executive director of CCRC, went on to say, “We are grateful to the many people who have come together not only to celebrate the anniversary of Rhino Public Relations, but also to honor the work of the CCRC. As providers of early education and child care in our communities, the need for our services is greatest at a time that our resources are at their most strained. Rhino PR’s generosity and advocacy on our behalf will have a tremendous impact on our mission to build strong families in Massachusetts.”

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