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A Brave New World – SMPS Boston Joins the Blogosphere

April 22, 2010

Welcome to the Age of Dialogue!

In response to YOUR comments in our recent poll regarding SMPS Boston’s methods of communication, we are making this exciting transition from an e-mailed monthly newsletter to a blog. This new format will allow us to bring you a more timely stream of information and allow you the opportunity to instantly comment and interact with the entire SMPS community (plus the more than 1,500 A/E/C industry leaders who also comprise our readership).

The focus of the new Outlook Blog will also change.  Instead of simply reporting on the activities of SMPS Boston, the blog will feature timely articles and fresh content about A/E/C industry and marketing trends, professional advice and thought-provoking ideas to supercharge your productivity, in-depth articles about SMPS members and industry leaders, and—perhaps most importantly—a forum for the latest issues that face our industry and our professions.

Our weekly eFlyer will continue to come to you each Friday, highlighting upcoming events from the SMPS calendar. 

So please, take a moment to peruse the new SMPS Boston Outlook Blog, including the following posts:

And then join the conversation: we want to hear your feedback!  Comment on posts that interest you. And if you are interested in contributing to the blog by writing a longer article, please email Emily Hall at ehall @ (do not include spaces before and after @).

And don’t forget to bookmark us or add us to your RSS feed – we’ll be adding fresh content a couple of times each week. 

By David Easterbrooks, CPSM, President, SMPS Boston

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